At A Glance

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  • Play in the water on the seashore of Digha beach.
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  • Take a motorboat ride and explore the coastline of Digha beach.

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  • Enjoy the cool atmosphere of Digha beach in the evenings.

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  • Bask in the afterglow of setting sun on the Digha beach.


The attractive and eye catching point of Digha is the beach which is flat and hard which is spreaded over a large area. Digha is the beach which is known as one of the widest beaches all over the world...


Durga pooja is the major festival for the Digha as it is situated in West Bengal and it is very common that West Bengal is famous for Durga Pooja. It is the festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm during the month...


There are various hotels which are situated on the beach of Digha. They are Mandarmoni and the hotel named by Sonar Bangla. They are providing the tourists with best facilities, services etc in order to give them...

About Digha Beach

A most famous sea resort and the eye catching place for tourists is the Digha beach which is situated in the state of West Bengal. It is Beach which increases the beauty of Calcutta as it is in the south west side of it. The distance of Digha beach from Calcutta is near about 187 Km and known as ‘Brighton of East, Best for the holiday’. Digha is the beach which is engulfed with low gradient where the length of the waves is near about 7 km. It is the sand beach which is shallow and having waves which are gentle.

In the Digha beach the level of sea is starting a far away distance from the starting point of the beach. It is the place which is known for its luring and charming. There is the plantation of casuarinas which add to the beauty of Digha beach.

Most of the sea beaches are famous just because of clear and beautiful view of rising of sun and for the sunset too. Digha is one of them. But the view of sunrise and of the sunset is different with other because the sunrise at the Digha beach reflecting the part of water from Bay of Bengal in the way which is somewhat appearing like an artist easel.

The sea water of Digha beach is safe for the tourist to swim because of its shallowness and calmness.

The original name of Digha beach is Beerkul from the time of Warren Hasting. It is the beach which was discovered by British in 18th centaury. The title ‘Brighton of the East’ was given to it from the letter of one of the hasting warren which he wrote for his wife.

In the year of 1923, one of the famous English Tourists got attracted with the beauty of Digha beach and decided to settle there. In his writings he starts describing the beauty of Digha beach which was the reason for its exposure all over the country.